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Gearing up for future demand through cell tower upgrades

Gearing up for future demand through cell tower upgrades.

Cell Tower Upgrades


Early 2021 saw the extension of unlimited Off Peak data from midnight to 5PM to meet the demand of Kiwis changing the way they worked through the introduction of a work-from-home culture. 

In order to keep up with this surging demand and Kiwis growing appetite for data, regular tower maintenance and upgrades are happening every week throughout the country. You can keep an eye on which towers are being upgraded weekly here

Since the start of May 2021, more than 230 towers have seen upgrades or maintenance work on them. This is a massive undertaking but one that is needed. 

If you were or are located in one of the tower upgrade locations during the time of the work being undertaken, you might experience degraded performance – this might mean evening speeds are not as fast as you would usually expect. We see this as short term pain for long term gain. 

These upgrades are in addition to the new RBI2 tower builds to increase coverage across New Zealand and provide Kiwis with better broadband and mobile connectivity.

We may be able to switch customers who want an urgent resolution to an alternative network depending on location. If you wish to do this please contact our support team via email:

Thank you for your patience during the tower upgrades and for being a loyal Wireless Nation customer.