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Wi-Fi Hotspots & Hotels

Simple & affordable solutions for hotels and hotspot requirements. 

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wireless Nation provides bars, restaurants, cafes, and other public places, including hotel lobbies, schools, and airports, a managed hotspot that allows their customers to access the internet for free over a wireless local area network (WLAN).

Wireless Nation Hotspots are a great investment as it provides extra service to your customers with minimal ongoing cost to your business. We provide everything you need, unlike other providers that expect you to provide the internet connection, modem, and install the equipment yourself.

Hassle-free, Wireless Nation looks after all technical support and hotspot management whilst having no ongoing management fee like competing companies. Wireless Nation’s setup includes a modem and an enterprise-class indoor wireless access point. The wireless access point is mounted on either the wall or the ceiling to ensure the best Wi-Fi coverage in the location.

Depending on what’s available at the location, the fastest internet connection will be provided.

The installation is carried out professionally by an installer, which ensures the setup is done properly and to a high standard. This includes making sure the equipment is displayed in an aesthetic manner and that it is situated away from areas that have dust or grease, or experience high temperatures, which could damage them.

The location’s customers connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot and when they access an internet browser then are taken to the hotspot landing page. Once they click the “Go Online” button they are taken to a landing page of the location’s choice.

The hotspot landing page may contain third-party advertising.


Wireless Nation specialises in providing broadband to multi-dwelling units such as apartments, hotels, and office blocks.

With the rollout of fibre in New Zealand’s high-density urban areas, homes and businesses now have access to affordable, extremely fast internet. However, while it is not too difficult to connect homes and single dwellings with fibre; it’s another story for buildings with multi-dwellings. Extra cabling, invasive construction, and expensive installation are some of the barriers to connecting each unit with fibre.

The problem is the existing connections available in these buildings are slow and unreliable.

Wireless Nation’s Cable over Fibre solution overcomes these barriers and is painless to install at a fraction of the cost. It allows seamless HD movie and TV streaming including IPTV, large-scale internet gaming, HD video conferencing, advanced education and telehealth applications, and much more.

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