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Old WoS Chatham Islands Plans

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Wireless over Satellite (WoS) provides broadband using our Wireless Network to homes and businesses within 1.5 – 2 kilometres of one of our wireless antennas in Waitangi, Owenga and Kaingaroa or within 5 kilometres of our antenna on Target Hill on Chatham Island.


  • 20GB @ $99 per month
  • 50GB @ $119.90 per month
  • 100GB @ $159.90 per month

Setup, Shipment & Installation

  • $289 standard installation (this includes equipment configuration, provisioning, shipping and installation)
  • Mileage of $1.50 per km from the nearest installers base

Outside of coverage?

Extension: We’ll quote individually for the equipment, configuration, shipment and installation (approx $800-$1,000). The WoS Extend only works as long as the house bridging the gap to you gives consent and has power switched on to the devices.

Top-up Data Packs

If you run out of data, your account will auto top up with a 1GB data pack, up to 4 times. After this, your connection will stop, and you will need to manually purchase one of the data packs below to get back up and running.

  • 1GB – $8 per month
  • 5GB – $49 per month
  • 10GB – $89 per month

We do this so you don’t incur large over usage bills.

Contract Term

  • 12 months
    *30 days notice must be given on a 12 month contract.

Early Exit Fee

The early exit fee is 1/12 of $228.85 for every remaining month on a 12 month contract, plus the value of any promotion (if offered) during signup.

E.g. if you cancelled with 5 months remaining on your contract, the early exit fee will be $95.35 (this is 5/12 of $228.85) + the value of any promotion (if offered) during signup.

*30 days notice must be given on a 12 month term.


  • Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed.
  • This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale.
  • There will be a charge for subsequent installer visits if you request one.
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