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Lifestyle Broadband for the
Flexible Life.

We specialise in providing internet access anywhere you want it.


Lifestyle Broadband is designed for those who live a more flexible lifestyle, whether it be traveling across the country via a motorhome or caravan, heading along to the bach over the holidays or out on the boat during those hot summer days.

Lifestyle Broadband uses cell towers located across the country to provide broadband and will work if you are in coverage.

Put it on hold

While many customers use the connection in their home as well, you can put the connection on hold and only pay for the months you require. We’ll just need 30 days’ notice when you wish to put it on hold.

12-24v Adapter (optional)

You can purchase a 12-24V adapter for $69.90 during signup, meaning the modem can run off 12-24V and keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.  Please note: the modem includes a 230/240V to 12-24V wall plug for mains power.

What Our Customers Think

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 453 reviews
excellent service, fast and efficient, modem works a treat and especially nice to be able to talk with a real person (yes it's true) in quick time.
Michael Williams
22:04 09 May 22
I’ve installed a Wireless Nation modem in my Motorhome and I’ve travelled extensively in the North Island of NZ and I have had excellent coverage and sufficient wifi to do some sports streaming and all of my regular online activities. I’m about to do the South Island top to bottom and back and I’m excited to see how I travel.27th April.I’m nearing the end of my South Island journey which has taken me from Picton to Bluff, from Westport to Hanmer Springs, from Central Otago to Mavora Lakes and all sorts of places in between. I didn’t get any further down the west coast so I can’t comment on Milford and South Westland coverage. However, I’m thrilled with the wifi performance everywhere I’ve been. I only once dropped a signal and a simple reboot of the modem fixed that. I’ve left the modem plugged into 12v lighter plug 24/7 since 2nd February and I haven’t drained the Motorhome batteries especially over night. I’ve streamed Rugby, and some live TV and uploaded numerous large digital photo files without any issues. I’ve done all of my emails, online reading, social media etc without a hitch. Great product Wireless Nation, it fits my circumstances perfectly.
John Forrest
01:09 27 Apr 22
Really happy with my service after other mainstream providers couldn’t or didn’t want to help. I understand this will never be as fast as fiber but I haven’t had an issue with speed or coverage. Was super easy to set up too.
Keith Cullen
05:40 20 Apr 22
Excellent service and super impressed with the Wireless Nation team.Customer focused, they are accurate and effective in their work. Their service levels are consistantly high. Their connections are stable and provide massive bandwidth at very competitive prices. Consistantly well above 150MBytes/second download, even during busy times. I can honestly say they have revolutionised how I access all the online services I need, locked away at home during the pandemic. Their online portal for customer requests to their service desk is monitored and promptly responded to by Jacob and the team. Great professional commitment and focus. Could not be happier.
Martin Ashwin
02:55 20 Apr 22
I love this product, it's has enhanced my travel experiences as I know longer need to worry about using my mobile phone for data. Plus I can unplug from my motorhome on return from my holiday and use it at home. I no longer need to pay for an internet plan that I wasn't using while on the road. I have had no problems with the speed of downloads. I'm only sorry I didn't get it sooner.
sue gollan
02:29 20 Apr 22
Great customer service, easy-to-understand bundles, flexible options and no locked-in contracts, plus great internet - all this makes Wireless Nation a really good fit, especially if you live rurally!
Krissy Dwyer
23:49 19 Apr 22
In had been shopping looking for a mobile solution for travelling around the country. Wireless Nation provided an easy quality solution and now we have everything, wifi, our energy system cash be viewed by our systems technicians, we get all the online functions for our TV. It’s perfect
Colin Wilson
03:32 18 Apr 22
Wireless Nation is fast quick and effective ispHighly recommended!!
05:15 12 Apr 22
I was a bit dubious that the claim it would be simple would be true but we had this installed and working in no time at all and it has worked like a dream since. Can't praise the product enough!
Yvon & Rich Lewis
02:36 12 Apr 22
A great solution for our internet connectivity while travelling Aotearoa. Very good coverage & speed to connect. Value for money and highly recommended 😊
Geoff Petersen
02:09 12 Apr 22
Great service. Super fast modem delivery & easy set up. Just make sure the sim is inititialized.
Chris Rosewarne
00:52 12 Apr 22
Wireless Nation is the best mobile internet service. One we’re out of our current contract for our home internet we will be using Wireless Nation for that also, highly recommend.
Liz Moylan
23:55 11 Apr 22
LOOK NO FURTHER, if you are looking for effective broadband in the country then Wireless Nation can probably find the solution for you. In our case it took a couple of SIMs to find a suitable cell tower. The team at WN rock.
Rory Fogerty (Permakai)
23:20 11 Apr 22
Very easy to deal with. Nothing was a problem. Fast and efficient service..
Claire Taylor
23:05 11 Apr 22
What a great service to quickly arrange the modem purchase and setup the monthly account.Using in our caravan, and there has been good wifi coverage everywhere on our travels so far.
Gordy Scott
23:03 11 Apr 22
Great service for a complex set up.
Ian Garside
22:48 11 Apr 22
Highly recommend Wireless Nation. They gave me internet connection (modem and antenna) in a rural area where no other provider could and their one-on-one communication I found clear, succinct and simple unlike some other providers.
Brian McNeill
04:15 09 Mar 22
Absolutely great service. No issues at all and very helpful team. Couldn't be happier with the experience.
02:31 09 Mar 22
Wireless Nation Ltd were very professional and I would highly recommend them
Graham Harris
02:24 09 Mar 22
They offer a great modem and service. They are super well organised so I found it super easy to get the modem up and going in my RV. Works great too - so we have been enjoying the great connetivity. Wifi in there as well.
mark easton
02:18 09 Mar 22
Modem & Setup

There’s an investment of $329 for a powerful 4G enabled Modem.

This comes with an open term meaning you can put your connection on hold or cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Shipping & Handling: $14.95.

Can I use it anywhere in NZ?

There are 1,650+ cell towers located around the country to connect to. You must be in coverage to get Lifestyle Broadband. You can check coverage by going to:, and selecting the appropriate tabs.

It also works in most holiday spots, towns and cities.


Endless WiFi plans are designed for your basic daily internet needs without worrying about data caps or top-ups, but they may not be suitable for high bandwidth demands, such as very fast and large file/data uploading or downloading. If you need portable WiFi for advanced internet needs, please contact us.

Endless WiFi comes with up to 10Mbps download and up to 2Mbps upload. This is enough speed to stream HD video on up to 2 devices at any one time.


Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed

This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale