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Lifestyle Broadband for the
Flexible Life.

We specialise in providing internet access anywhere you want it.


Lifestyle Broadband is designed for those who live a more flexible lifestyle, whether it be traveling across the country via a motorhome or caravan, heading along to the bach over the holidays or out on the boat during those hot summer days.

Lifestyle Broadband uses cell towers located across the country to provide broadband and will work if you are in coverage.

Put it on hold

While many customers use the connection in their home as well, you can put the connection on hold and only pay for the months you require. We’ll just need 30 days’ notice when you wish to put it on hold.

12-24v Adapter (optional)

You can purchase a 12-24V adapter for $69.90 during signup, meaning the modem can run off 12-24V and keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.  Please note: the modem includes a 230/240V to 12-24V wall plug for mains power.

What Our Customers Think

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 500 reviews
Wireless Nation have been outstanding to deal with as a new client.Their wireless internet fits very well with our lifestyle and is very cost effective for the usage we need.We recommend them
John Lawry
21:39 12 Aug 22
Great service
John Nicholls
03:58 12 Aug 22
As a person who has been living in a motorhome for the past 4 years and moving about the country I was trying to survive on 4Gb of data and using my mobile phone as a hot spot, as I needed more data this was purchased @ $50 per 15Gb.and was a cost beyond means, as I got busy I would buy 2/3 $50 packs per month.And then I was informed of, and researched Wireless Nation and with in a few days I was connected and using the Wireless Nation network saving myself $$$Now I have 60Gb for $50 a month and looking to increase to 300Gb for an additional cost of around $20 more per month, and just one other point I would to make the Wireless Nation network works in places that my phone would not work.Thank you Wireless Nation
Mike Butler
03:50 12 Aug 22
Excellent service and professionalism
Michael R Conner
03:23 12 Aug 22
Great company to deal with, their support team helped us so much and it was effortless to change to Wireless Nation
Sharon Read
04:23 05 Aug 22
Customer service A***. They answer calls quickly and with a real person. Nothing seems to be a problem for them.
Paul Curtis
23:33 30 Jul 22
Requested account on line. Was sent the modem within a week. Plugged in and away it went. Needed to change my subscription and was attended to immediately. Couldn’t be happier!
07:00 28 Jul 22
Really great customer service, excellent communication all the way through. They were able to help set us up with internet when the bigger companies turned us away. Highly recommend!
Kate McDonald
03:51 28 Jul 22
We started our Wireless Nation relationship cautiously and had their modem in place a week before our existing provider was due to shut off our internet service. On the 1st August the WN modem came out of the box, and was located on the same shelf as our previous modem. Turned on, we had immediate connection to our MacBooks (2), iPhones (2) and Samsung Smart TV. Couldn't have been easier. Three weeks down the track we are still problem free. Well done Wireless Nation.We have yet to try it 'on the road' but we don't foresee any problems.
William Savidan
05:01 26 Jul 22
Amazing group of people who really help and sort out issues in a positive and proactive way at no extra expense to the customer (unlike some of the bigger companies). The price is incredible compared to all other outfits in this area. NO FIXED CONTRACTS AIMED AT SQUEEZING every penny off you if you decide to move on. These guys are genuine and pretty unbelievable. THANK YOU SO MUCH WIRELESS NATION.
Alastair Cron
00:52 24 Jul 22
They provided very good support in setting up our wireless internet connection. Our internet speed is now between 5 and 20 times faster than our previous provider and for only a little difference in price. Response to technical questions is very quick and helpful.
Andrew Sturman
06:40 22 Jul 22
Excellent service, no fuss installation and payments have already used on two trips, great coverage.
robin hartendorp
01:34 22 Jul 22
Recommended internet provider! Great service. Super easy to deal with. Fast hook up. Great product (good fast internet).
Dan Thompson
12:30 08 Jul 22
Great service great pricingMeets all my requirements!
Lynda Savage
05:46 08 Jul 22
Wireless Nation were able to provide a service that the big-name providers couldn't. I live semi-rurally and work from home, so require fast efficient broadband, I can also watch my favourite streamed programmes without any problems. The service so far has been great, and I love the Dashboard so I can keep track of my usage.
Elizabeth Wood
04:50 08 Jul 22
Wireless Nation are awesome. Easy to deal with. Quick set up. Was kept informed of whereabouts my modem was. If I needed anything they where straight on to it. Fabulous support. I totally recommend these guys.
Leisa Sheat
03:22 08 Jul 22
Great cost effective plug and play (almost, 1 phone call to activate) internet at a fantastic price. Fully recommend.
Peter Thomson
03:10 08 Jul 22
For anyone with a Holiday Home and/or a Mobile Home, and a Permanent Residence, Wireless Nation provided the PERFECT SOLUTION ..... a transportable modem!You can even plug it into your car if travelling long distances as the modem speed is faster than your phone.The BONUS is it costs less than I was paying for one location (granted its not fibre)!The 4G speed is fine for Netflix and working on the computer however if you are in a big hurry I would recommend calling into a cafe to access Wi-Fi to do multiple HEAVY files downloading.It was extremely easy to set up and after that all you do is plug it in wherever you are and you are in business!I would have no hesitation in recommending WIRELESS NATION to anyone in our circumstances.
Andrew Cowdy
02:48 08 Jul 22
Nothing but great service since we signed up… and great reception. So easy to set up and off you go! Living full time in camper van and need reliable affordable internet. Hubby’s very happy.. so am I… Netflix very accessible now esp over the winter months!
Robin Bruning
02:32 08 Jul 22
Great service very helpful staff if you have any issues and your call generally gets answered straight away by a person.
James Beveridge
02:12 08 Jul 22
Modem & Setup

There’s an investment of $329 for a powerful 4G enabled Modem.

This comes with an open term meaning you can put your connection on hold or cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Shipping & Handling: $16.95.

Can I use it anywhere in NZ?

There are 1,750+ cell towers located around the country to connect to. You must be in coverage to get Lifestyle Broadband. You can check coverage by going to:, and selecting the appropriate tabs.

It also works in most holiday spots, towns and cities.


Both plans are suitable for dual HD streaming simultaneously and support WiFi sharing with multiple devices for Googling, Emails, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube etc.

Endless WiFi is designed for your basic daily internet needs without worrying about data caps or top-ups, but it may not be suitable for high bandwidth demands, such as very fast and large file/data uploading or downloading. If you need portable WiFi for advanced internet needs, please contact us.

300GB plan: 300GB full speed data then speeds will reduce to a maximum of 1.2 Mbps once 300GB has been reached.


Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed

This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale