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Do you live in the Chatham Islands? We can provide a broadband service to selected homes and businesses.

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What Our Customers Think

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 408 reviews
Have been using the service for about 6 months around the country, and overall has been great during the off peak times. Using the unlimited off peak plan. Works well every place I have stayed at in Rotorua, outside in the country around Napier, Taupo, and Tauranga, as well as near Albany.Download speeds during the day are usually solidly 30-35Mbps and upload speeds were 10Mbps except for in Albany where I only get around 1-2Mbps.The downside is the service seems to be massively throttled during the on peak time where most of the time I can only get around 1-2 Mbps download. So any online vc meetings after 5pm can be an issue.
Kieran Levin
08:22 25 Jan 22
I used Wireless Nation for 12 months before my current Telco. They were amazing in the delivery of service, never had any outages, it was seamless and their communications were customer focused. I would highly recommend them and hopefully they will have space for a returning customer as well.
Sherry Lee
04:59 03 Jan 22
Converted sceptic... excellent mobile wifi provided you are in a good location... eg Taupo airport... poor; Taupo centre...excellent
Yvonne van Hoogenhuyze
11:38 24 Dec 21
Jim Cameron
00:13 22 Dec 21
We have had years of problems with standard broadband falling out and slow, fiber will not be an option for us for many years. This is our first month with Wireless Nation and what a difference, we have no issues with coverage and speeds are awesome. Great customer service helped with sorting us out with connecting and getting on the right plan for us, thanks.
Wendy Watts
03:20 24 Nov 21
In our situation, that’s on the move most days, we are impressed with the service we can get though wi fi.
Trevor Jory
01:37 24 Nov 21
Great service, responing to any querys fast. Easy set up. Good reception using this company.
Jenny Crone
01:30 24 Nov 21
The very best rural internet available! I have tried other companies and my advice to everyone is don't bother! Go straight to Wireless Nation. I am so happy they exist...all other rural providers pale in comparison. Great service, flawless internet. 10 out of 10.
Jenna Nicholson
09:11 16 Nov 21
Thumbs up,no fuss good service.pretty good reception considering how far away the tower is.
Demz Ngakuru
06:04 31 Oct 21
Fantastic customer service, quick to reply and a pleasure to deal with, device was easy to setup and good to go out of the box, look forward to being a long term customer, thanks to the team for your amazing help and support.
Andre Henry
03:22 29 Oct 21
Great service, very easy set up. One small issue, my fault, sorted quickly after a phone call. We have installed Wireless Nation at our beach place and it’s perfect for that kind of situation.
Val Jones
03:06 29 Oct 21
We are very pleased with wireless nation as they could give us modem that neither Spark or Vodafone could offer coverage even though they use Vodafone towers.
Phillip Fisher
18:06 22 Oct 21
Wireless Nation has been great to deal with. I received the modem and aerial 4 days after I ordered them. I set them up about 4 days later and we had internet. The speeds we get are about 3 times as fast as our house internet. We use the Wireless Nation modem for gaming in my shed and my son loves it.
Teulon Kingston
00:29 19 Oct 21
Loving this wifi in the new motorhome. The product is very good, extremely reliable, and the service has been outstanding. Totally recommend as your mobile solution.
Di Moate
23:56 11 Oct 21
Top Notch & Friendly. Only company to provide a decent 4G data Cap for my location.
David Finer
19:29 11 Oct 21
We wanted to leave our previous RBI provider because their data allowances were too small and it was very expensive for what we got.We run a business and, due to covid, had school aged kids doing online learning over lockdown, so we were always running out of data a week out from roll-over, and the extra blocks of top ups were costly.Despite asking our previous provider would not increase data allowances over lockdown to accommodate working from home or schooling, and kept telling us to go up a tier in plan. The next tier up was well over $250/month and still metered. The signal often dropped out and the coverage in the house was sketchy.The swap to Wireless Nation went so smoothly - customer service was wonderful and we had our new modem and aerial by courier 24 hours after confirming our sign up.We chose a 2 year contract so the modem etc was free.The change over was easy.We self installed the aerial and modem-replacing our old RBI hardware in minutes. It literally was so simple. A quick swap. Like for like.Our data plan doubled for only a few dollars more than what we were paying, and we kept our home line and number.The service is good for where we are (very rural and RIGHT on the boundary of all coverage) and despite needing to get an extender for the very back of the house, we can get internet access EVERYWHERE which is great.We were surprised and grateful when they gave us 10Tb free BONUS data to account for the covid situation with increased use at home. They actually understand what their customers need and are happy to give it.WN has been an absolute revelation from our previous provider.Highly recommend WIRELESS NATION to anyone suffering high cost RBI at the hands of the bigger *mobile provider* - company. Friendly call centre, fast assistance, great technical advice and excellent value for money.
Hope H
01:46 08 Oct 21
Wireless Nation provided an immediate professional service. They allowed a trial period to ensure that the connection would be successful in my remote area. The technical advice was thorough and accurate, and the final result is internet that is stable and doesn't buffer.
Rick Hoskin
23:00 07 Oct 21
We have had the very best service and professionalism from WN they did exactly what they said they would do and it cost exactly what they said it would cost. This has enabled us to work from our bach and is life changing. The Whitianga contact was responsive to our requests and spent time answering all my questions, he made me fell welcome and demonstrated a level of professionalism and service that others could learn from. Our previous ISP was arguably the worst service provider in NZ so it was like "a breath of fresh air" dealing with WN. I will support them and wish them well with the business plans. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
Andrew MacPherson
22:52 07 Oct 21
Great service, very reliable and quick! No issues and they did everything. I was very happy.
Janine Pearce
19:35 07 Oct 21
Works well good service and coverage
Peter Clarke
07:03 07 Oct 21

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